We provide placebo manufacturing, randomised blinded packaging as well as full supporting services for clinical trials

Project Planning

Our clients benefit from our strength and expertise in devising well-designed IMP solutions whilst supporting the timeline, minimising risks and working within budget. Click here for more information.

IMP Dossiers

We are experienced in writing both simplified and full IMPDs. We will minimise the time and effort required from your team and facilitate the clinical trial application procedure.

Code Break Envelopes

We provide hard copy code break envelopes for emergency code break and unblinding purposes. This can be an independent service from where the packaging takes place.

Comparator and Wholesale Sourcing

MODEPHARMA is an MHRA-authorised wholesaler licensed to distribute, import and export pharmaceutical products. Click here for more information.

Cold Chain Packaging and Distribution

We offer refrigerated (2-8°C) packaging, storage and distribution services. Packaging under refrigerated conditions ensures that the product shelf-life is not adversely impacted.

QP Oversight and Importation

Following Brexit MODEPHARMA provides a full range of QP oversight services for importation from EEA countries in compliance with MHRA guidelines. Click here for more information.

Document Reviews

We provide unmetered support in reviewing IMP aspects of clinical trial documentation such as the clinical trial protocol, CTA applications

Multinational Distribution

We are well-versed with undertaking international shipments under temperature-controlled GDP-compliant conditions. We have established relationships and contractual arrangements with our logistics providers.

Direct to Patients Distribution

Shipment of IMPs can be confidentially and safely sent direct to patient homes. Home delivery is convenient for patients and research teams, especially for lengthy trials, and can help speed up enrolment.

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