Our Philosophy

Our Values

We place utmost importance on medicinal product quality and safety of patients.

For our customers to be satisfied, we ensure that service quality is unsurpassed and that our reliability is faultless.

We also believe that diligence, transparency and good documentation is imperative in running a successful clinical trial or study.

We appreciate that clinical trials can be complicated to set-up and manage. In that light, we choose to continue to find innovative solutions to satisfy a range of demands.


Our Aims

With diligent coordination and planning, we endeavour to make procuring investigational medicinal products (IMPs) and comparators easy and cost-efficient so that you can carry out your clinical trials with minimal obstacles.

Furthermore, with regards to the IMP, we aim to make certain that the Sponsor’s responsibility to conduct the trial to the highest standards as laid out in the GCP Directive is met, thus ensuring patient safety and credibility of trial results.


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