Wholesale Supply

MODEPHARMA can supply a wide range of medicines including biologics, biosimilars, branded products, generics, orphan drugs, OTC, cold chain, controlled drugs, unlicensed medicines and specials.

MODEPHARMA is licensed to distribute all categories of pharmaceutical products and was last inspected for GDP-compliance in April 2016 with no findings.

Wherever possible we aim to source directly from the manufacturer; otherwise from a selection of preferred vendors within Europe and North America who are subject to a strict supplier approval process to verify their commercial and quality status.

Products are sourced and delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

MODEPHARMA takes pride in being able to reliably supply cold chain products.

We are happy to quote prices in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros and accept payment in any of these currencies.

Contact us for further information or a no-obligation quote.