Why Use Us

MODEPHARMA’s streamlined approach for sourcing and organising medication for clinical trials saves time, money and hassle for the research team. Here are some reasons why…

Wide range of medication options

Working with a UK/European network of pharmaceutical industry experts and manufacturing facilities, MODEPHARMA provides comprehensive and unique services around the IMP. Click here for a list of our manufacturing and packaging capabilities. If we haven’t listed an option that you are interested in, contact us. It’s likely that we’ll be able to find the right solution for you.

Optimisation of IMP solution to streamline the trial

Along with initial advice on production feasibility, we also assist in optimising the design of the trial IMP by considering variables of the clinical trial (such as patient population factors) and also drug expiry dates, manufacturing and stability-dependent factors. Furthermore, we can advise on various manufacturing and packaging options to keep your project within its budget.

Diligent planning and project management to ensure smooth execution

MODEPHARMA specialises in the diligent planning and organisation of high quality and cost effective medication for non-commercial clinical trials and studies. Dedicated project managers will work with the trial team to provide full support surrounding the trial IMP and oversee the project to help ensure a smooth execution. We have our own in-house pharmacist who is experienced with clinical trials in the NHS and commercial sector.

Regulatory assistance including IMP Dossiers

MODEPHARMA provides full regulatory support around the IMP. This includes a review of the protocol and the CTA application, the design of Annex-13 compliant IMP labels, and providing you with an IMP dossier for submission and setup of technical agreements. These are all included in the quote we provide you. Throughout the trial any IMP-related regulatory support including IMPD updates are included.

Unparalleled and unmetered support – before, during and after the trial

We know that managing medication for clinical trials is often complicated. MODEPHARMA provides comprehensive project management and advisory services making the co-ordination of IMP manufacturing and distribution a simpler, more streamlined process. With our team of project managers working with a 200 point checklist, researchers can carry out studies with minimal obstacles.

Fulfils GMP, GCP and GDP requirements

All our projects are handled by our friendly and dynamic team of experienced Project Managers who are GCP/GMP/GDP trained. All work carried out in accordance with EU Clinical Trial Regulations and the EU Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices. MODEPHARMA operates under a MHRA-approved quality management system and maintains an active Wholesale Dealers Authorisation.

No hidden costs

We provide you an upfront cost and we do our absolute best to remain within budget. Our team is happy to provide budgeting assistance during the trial design stages taking into account all factors such as the stability studies, number of batches required for the entire duration of the trial, and different packaging options. Furthermore we also take into account transportation and storage costs, returns and destruction, insurance and VAT. In certain cases, we are able to VAT zero-rate clinical trial supplies. Contact us for more details.