Course 1: Practical Advice for IMPs

MODEPHARMA offers a practical training session aimed at anyone involved in arranging investigational medicinal products for use in a clinical trial. This 60 minute course is designed to improve awareness amongst research staff of the complexities surrounding clinical trial medication. The session includes useful advice on the following:

  • Options for placebos / blinding
  • Obtaining manufacturing quotes and accurately forecasting medication budgets
  • Labelling considerations
  • Shelf-life issues
  • Patient population factors
  • Regulatory issues including CTA application, Technical Agreements, QP releases etc.
  • Imports (i.e. use of medication from outside the EU)

This is a very popular course but we are able to offer this course on relatively short notice. To enquire about availability please contact us.

Course 2: Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Offered as a half-day or full-day session, this course will equip research staff with the history of GCP and the most up-to-date GCP guidance. It is aimed at and is essential for anyone involved in clinical trial research.

To enquire about availability please contact us.